Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ten Movie Sequels That Must Be Made!


            The movie business is a funny thing. Back when cinema first began, filmmakers and studios just concentrated on making the best movie they could make.  There were re-tellings of classic stories, now known to the movie going audience as remakes. While remakes are the "cool" thing in Hollywood right now as everyone seems to be scraping for cash in these desperate times we now live in, there was one cash cow that Hollywood took around the 1970s and that was known as the sequel. Sequels, the process of continuing the story by making a follow up to a well received motion picture. Like remakes, sequels can go either way. For every good remake/sequel, we get a bad one that makes the viewer question the power of money. Most  movie goers can make lists of their favorite or least favorite movie sequels, but that's been done so many times. We all have our own unique vision of what sequels work and which ones are sinking battleshits ready to fall into an endless volcano pit to the point where the stinch won't leave our poor tortured nostrils any time soon. Since I wanted my sequel list to be different from the usual offerings that go on with cinema blogs, I decided to go with "10 Movie Sequels That Must Be Made!".  Below will be a list of faux movie sequel titles and plots of my own design.  Sequelitis, here we go!


         It is winter time at Camp Crystal Lake.  A group of camp counselors arrive to the boarded up camp to fix it up since it will be re-opening the following summer. They also plan to do a little fucking, smoking pot, drinking some booze, and playing a fun little game called Strip Monopoly. What they don't know is that Jason Voorhees still lurks around the grounds and is angry that he can't be alone with his deceased mother's severed head around the holiday season. So, he starts killing the unsuspecting counselors one by one until he faces the lead counselor, Tommy Jarvis, who wants revenge on Jason for killing his sister Jenna (Danielle Panabaker in the 2009 film) a few years prior. Looks like Jason has finally met his match in the ultimate showdown in this 13th installment of the popular slasher franchise! 


               Haddonfield, Illinois is slowly recovering from the brutal Halloween massacre where escaped psychopath Michael Myers (Tyler Mane) savagely went on a killing spree in search of his baby sister Laurie Strode (Scout Taylor Compton).  Four years have passed and Laurie Strode has been locked up in Smith's Grove Sanitarium.  She hasn't spoken a word since.  Meanwhile, Sheriff Leigh Brackett and several Haddonfield residents have outlawed Halloween, thinking that by not celebrating the holiday that Michael will never come back. Soon, Brackett gets a call from a woman named Marion Chambers who worked very closely with Dr. Loomis. It turns out someone has smeared animal blood on the grave of Dr. Samuel Loomis with a symbol that means Samhain aka All Hallow's Eve.  Something sinister begins to lurk around the sleepy little town of Haddonfield. Something dark. Something evil. Something wearing an emotionless white mask. Something that is only the "shape" of a Human Being. Halloween is coming back to Haddonfield in the form of Michael Myers and the curse of the Myers family will finally reach its shocking and terrifying conclusion! 



          Horny's back and ready to cause more murder and havoc in Blanca Carne'. Mackenzie Carpenter is determined to kill the supernatural homicidal clown that wants revenge for her mother accidentally killing him all those years ago.  Now, her boyfriend Fisher is under Horny's control. Will Mac be able to stop Horny's reign of slaughter for good or will she end up as a Big "Mac" at Hella Burger? 

           4) TRICK 'R TREAT 2

         The Halloween anthology is back with another set of fun spooky tales of terror.  A group of teens go on a haunted hayride only to discover the terror is real. A kid trick or treats at the wrong house. A babysitter learns that not everything is as it seems. And a man discovers that his new girlfriend harvests a dark secret.  Four new tales hosted by Sam for an all new night of spooks and chills! 


   I know that this one breaks the chain of possible sequels since the Burton/Schumacher Batman franchise and the Nolan trilogy have all come to a close, but I can't help but wonder what Batman Forever would have been like if Burton had gotten to direct it. Well, here's my fantasy!

         Batman (Michael Keaton) is back! While trying to get re-elected as Gotham City's popular District Attorney, Harvey Dent (Billy Dee Williams) is injured horribly while questioning mob kingpin Sal Maroni during a court trial in which Maroni splashes acid into Dent's face, scarring one side of his face and causing Dent to become Two-Face. Now, Two-Face wants revenge on Batman for not being there to save him. Meanwhile, billionaire Bruce Wayne fires a troubled employee named Edward Nygma (Johnny Depp) after he stole Wayne Enterprises money to pay for a device that could steal data from the Human mind. Nygma has a grudge against both Wayne and Batman for stopping him so Nygma creates "The Riddler" who will test Batman's mind by planting life or death traps around Gotham and seeks to discover his true identity. Two-Face offers to fund Riddler's project since they both want to catch The Dark Knight.  Meanwhile, Two-Face   crashes the circus in which Bruce happens to be attending for charity and Two-Face's right hand man, Tony Zucco, shoots the high wire which kills The Flying Graysons except the youngest Richard Grayson. Feeling that he can relate to Richard, Bruce offers him a place to stay at Wayne Manor. Bruce begins flashing back to the night that his parents were killed causing Bruce to look to his new girlfriend, Dr. Chase Meridean who Gordon brought to Gotham to help Batman with catching Two-Face. Soon, Bruce trains Richard to become his partner Robin to stop Two-Face and The Riddler from destroying Gotham and to rescue Chase. 


          I know that this list is supposed to only contain imaginary sequels, but this idea has been on my mind since 2005. Back in 2005 to gear horror fans up for his much anticipated sequel "The Devil's Rejects", Rob Zombie posted character profiles giving the history of the Firefly family and how they came to be in "House of 1000 Corpses".  Zombie even mentioned different possibilities for his next feature film in which fans could vote what they wanted to see next. Obviously, Zombie's next film is going to be "The Lords of Salem", but on his list of possibilities, he listed a prequel to "House of 1000 Corpses".  Honestly for me, House of 1000 Corpses is my favorite Rob Zombie movie for all its bizarre and maniacal style. So, here's my faux plot.

       Go back to the beginning with the Firefly family, the most vicious murderers since the Manson family!  Set in the 1960s, a psychopathic clown named Cutter (Captain Spaulding) and an ex prostitute named Mother Firefly raise their daughter Baby in their sadistic house of horror. They take in another killer now known as Otis. Together with a mad doctor named Dr. Satan, the Firefly clan kidnaps, tortures, and kills anyone who crosses their path.  Enter Captain Spaulding's Museum of Monsters & Madmen, see the alligator boy, ride his famous Murder Ride, but don't forget to take home some of his tasty fried chicken that tastes so fuckin' good!    


        Ash is back to kick some more evil dead ass. Nuff said!


          The follow up to the 2007 comedy "Brutal Massacre A Comedy" that poked fun at the challenges of being an indie horror filmmaker. After his big comeback into horror since the 1980s, Brutal Massacre, was a huge hit, Harry Penderecki is hoping lightning will strike twice with his supernatural flick "The Invisible Ghost".  Of course like on most Penderecki films, things go hilariously wrong and a stuntman dies.  Will Penderecki be able to bring "The Invisible Ghost" to the screen? You'll just have to watch to find out! The Invisible Ghost is written & directed by Stevan Mena (Malevolence, Brutal Massacre, and Bereavement) and stars An American Werewolf In London's David Naughton, reprising his role as Harry Penderecki. 


         Dante & Randal are back in the last chapter of the Clerks trilogy. Now co-owners of The Quick Stop, the guys have to deal with the same old shit of annoying as fuck customers. The guys end up in trouble when a rich corporate owner named Brandon (Ben Affleck) wants to destroy The Quick Stop and turn it into a 7-11, causing Dante and Randal to work at the local comic book store Brodie's. They must fight with the help of stoner buds Jay & Silentbob to stop Brandon and save the store they so cherish. 

       10)  MALEVOLENCE 3

          I really love indie filmmaker Stevan Mena's directorial debut "Malevolence" and its prequel that came out last year called "Bereavement".  I heard in an interview where Mena mentioned that this story of Martin Bristol started as a three chapter book that he wrote before he decided to turn it into films. We already have chapters 1 (Bereavement) and 2 (Malevolence). Whether or not Mena plans to turn the conclusion to his Martin Bristol trilogy into a feature film that will take place after the events of 2004's Malevolence is still unknown. The films deal with sensitive subject matter such as child abduction, child abuse, and pushing a young kid to his breaking point due to being taught at such an early age to kill by his abductor Graham Sutter. I totally recommend checking out both Malevolence and Bereavement if you love bloody and suspenseful atmospheric horror. I can't help but wonder where Mena would take a possible third movie if it does happen. I can tell you one thing, I couldn't even guess what will happen next. 




  1. Great list, i reallywant to see three of these move on more, Drive Thru was such an underrated flick, I would love to see part two. Trick or Treat 2 would be kiler part one rocked it hard. Number one choice would be Malevolence 3, the second one is my true favorite I talk about oftenlove the first one also, two very underrated horror films, part three would rock. I have always wanted an Event Horizon sequel.

  2. A fun and creative idea for an article, Mike. I agree about the MALEVOLENCE films. A lot of people dissed the first film, but I thought it was pretty damn scary in places and successfully captured some of the Michael Myers traits seen in the HALLOWEEN series.

    BEREAVEMENT was really good, too. I heard some flack about that one, but was pleasantly surprised with it.

  3. Briliant list! Totally agree on Evil Dead 4, Halloween 3D, Drive-Thru 2 & Trick R Treat - these all MUST be made.

    Instead of another Burton Batman, I'd obviously prefer another Nolan-Batman :-)

    HUUUUGE Kudos for including the worls of Steven Mena. Malevolence was cool and Bereavement kicked butt. I'm 100% sure the third part will come in the next few years.